Handmade Spider Man Costume

So, I’m excited to say, this is my first proper blog post!!! Since I started the Handmade Costume Shop I’ve focused on the costumes I make for my lovely Etsy customers but there’s another side of my costume making that I’ve wanted to share for a while….the costumes I make for my kids school dress up days, plays, parties and the like. I’m hoping to share tips and tricks for using bits and pieces around the house to create unique and comfortable costumes which your kids will love.

I want to encourage you all to have a go and share your creations! If you are inspired by this blog post and you decide to make something for your kid why not share it on social media using #myhandmadecostumerules!!! I’d love to see what you’ve made!

School Dress Up Day

This week my eldest had a dress up day for school and he decided he wanted to be Spider Man. We don’t have a spider man costume so I had a think about how I could create something ‘spidermanish’ but comfortable, and (of course) easy to go to the loo in!!!

My starting place is pretty much always Pinterest. I had a good look to see whether there were any tutorials or helpful patterns but couldn’t find anything that appealed so I started to think about easy ways I could customise some of my sons existing clothes to Spider-Man them up!

Searching through the drawers I picked out a plain royal blue T-shirt and some navy trousers.  I wanted to add to them in a way that was easy to do but easy to remove without damaging the clothes. I believe in sustainable clothing and costumes and I don’t want add to the ever growing problem of disposable fashion.

Wrist and Ankle Cuffs

I cut out a rectangle, folded it in half then sewed along the longer edge to create a tube. Then I cut a diagonal section off the top and turned the tube inside out to create the cuffs. Finally, I used a blue Sharpie to draw some webbing on each of the cuffs. TIP: I used a long sleeve T-shirt and the trousers as a template to work out exactly how big the rectangles needed to be to fit my boy.


I then moved on to the T-shirt, again I took some spare red felt and cut it into a sort of T shape, laying it over the blue T Shirt to make sure it was the right size (but being v careful not to cut through the T Shirt). The next step involves a hot glue gun -my fav piece of equipment – save for my sewing machine!!! You can use them for all sorts and there is something soooooo satisfying about the speed the glue sets! Not so fun when the glue gets on your finders mind!

I cut out legs and a body for the spider in black felt, but fleece would work just as well, and hot glued them to the centre of the red T shape. I then got my Sharpie out again and did some more of the webbing. To secure the T shape to the T-shirt I used my sewing machine and sewed around the edge, making sure to only sew onto the front layer of the blue T-shirt. I love the personal touch so I then sewed my sons first initial onto the body of the spider but if you didn’t feel confident in doing this you could always cut out an initial and glue it down instead.


Last but not least I cut out a mask with eye holes in red felt, being sure to fold the mask in half before cutting to make sure the holes were even. Then I edged the eyes with black felt. I had some royal blue fleece so I cut it into thin strips and used the hot glue gun to create a web and stick down the black eye edging. I finished the mask off by sewing on some elastic on either side, just above the eye holes!

Turns out the costume went down well – when picking up my son his teacher said she loved the hand sewn costume. She asked my A about his costume and he said his mum was a ‘really good sewer’. That coupled with the fact that he was comfortable enough to wear the costume all day, made the extra effort I put in more than worthwhile!!

I’d love to hear about your own handmade costumes….and what do you think of this spider man??? Any making questions let me know in the Comments section below!!


Kathy x

Thanks for reading, you may or may not have spotted this is my first EVER blog post so all comments, shares and likes GREATLY appreciated!

The BIG Day!

So, the day is here, the launch of this site and my new branding! It’s been tricky finding the time to put this all together but my hubby has been a Leg End and worked hard to help make this moment become a reality – thanks G!

Anyway! Welcome to the official Handmade Costume Shop site, take a look around and please do sign up to my mailing list so you can be the first to hear about my new costumes and you’ll also receive 10% off your first order!

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Thanks again for taking a look and joining me on this costume filled adventure!!


Kathy x

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